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Distribution of Freehold/9xx Years Leasehold Apartments & Condos

Distribution of Freehold/Long Tenure Leasehold Apartments & Condos in Singapore

Distribution of Freehold/Long Tenure Leasehold Apartments & Condos in the East Coast Area

It would be interesting to see where all the Freehold and Long Tenure leasehold (>900 years) apartments and condominiums are distributed geographically across Singapore. We conducted an analysis using our Property Data Analytics and here are our findings.

If you were to draw a line straight across the Singapore horizontally (see dotted line on map above), more than 90% of these Freehold/Long Tenure apartments and condominiums are located south of this line. This is not surprising given Singapore’s historical development as a port city from the southern tip of the island. Old land grants given in the early years of its development is more than likely than not, freehold, in areas hugging the island’s central district. As the economy develops, land became scarcer and the government stopped granting freehold land post-independence except in exceptional cases.

If you look carefully, you will notice that Freehold/Long Tenure strata properties are mostly clustered around certain regions. Some of these can be easily identified based on the road they cluster along. The following clusters can be discerned based on observation:

  • East Coast area
  • Flora Drive area
  • Upper Changi Road East
  • City core (e.g. River Valley area) and City fringe (e.g. Balestier, Newton)
  • Bukit Timah/Dunaearn to Upper Bukit Timah
  • West Coast area
  • Pasir Panjang area
  • Thomson/Upper Thomson area
  • Sembawang
  • Serangoon/Upper Serangoon area

A close up of East Coast area is provided to give you an idea of the high level of concentration of Freehold/Long Tenure leasehold apartments and condominiums in this area.

Do let us know you find this useful or wish to request for detailed distribution in other areas. Just put a comment below.

You can also do your own analysis here: Private Residential Property Transactions (Non-Landed)


Notes: The distribution on the map is drawn out using data obtained from URA, which provides data for transactions 36 months back. If a particular strata property, whether apartment or condominium, does not have any transactions recorded during this period, it will not show up on the map. However, the impact of this on the overall distribution on the map is small as the number of such properties is small and confined to smaller sized developments.

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