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All HDB Blocks – Map-Based Analysis

  • This analytics report is best viewed on a wide screen monitor.
  • All visuals are interactive. You can click on them to highlight and filter.
  • This is comprehensive listing of all HDB Blocks in Singapore built since 1937. These include Singapore Improvement Trust flats taken over by HDB since its formation in 1960.
  • This report serves as directory listing or database of all HDB Blocks in Singapore.
  • Details covered include (on a block by block basis):
    • type of usage of a HDB Block (Residential, Commercial, Market/Hawker, Multistorey Carpark, Precinct Pavillion and others)
    • breakdown of owned units by flat types (1-Room, 2-Room, 3-Room, 4-Room, 5-Room, Executive, Multigeneration and Studio Apartment) for owned flats
    • breakdown of rental units by flat types (1-Room, 2-Room, 3-Room, Others) for rental flats (Public Rental Scheme)
    • postal code, maximum floor level, year of completion and total dwelling units
  • Data for this report is sourced from the Housing Development Board (HDB).

This report is Private Access only. To get access on a commercial basis, please contact us for  a quote. Thanks!

Notes from HDB pertaining to this dataset:

  1. HDB property information contains the location of existing HDB blocks, highest floor level, year of completion, type of building and number of HDB flats (breakdown by flat type) per block etc.
  2. Update frequency is quarterly.
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