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URA Caveat

Caveats Are Lodged With SLA (Not URA) There is no such thing as a "URA caveat".  If you read the FAQ below about caveats pulled from Singapore Land Authority's (SLA) website, you will understand that caveats, as legal instruments, is in fact lodged with SLA rather than Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). Hence, the term "SLA [...]

HDB Past Transaction

If you are looking to check the details of recent HDB resale transactions including the price of such past transactions in the past three years, look no further. Our frequently used HDB Resale Flat Transactions analytics report is exactly what you are looking for. Created using data sourced directly from the government data service data.gov.sg, […]

Applying For HDB BTO as a Third Timer

While most adult Singaporeans are well aware that they can purchase a new flat directly from the Housing Development Board (HDB) directly two times during their lifetime (a second bite at the cherry), some may not be aware that they can yet apply for another new flat for a third time in their senior years. […]

Private Property Owners Can Apply For BTO For Community Care Apartments?

It is a well known fact that private property owners/essential occupiers need to dispose of all their private properties before starting the process of applying for a Housing Development Board (HDB) Built-to-order (BTO) flat. However, it appears that the board is loosening this eligibility criterion, at least for the recently announced Community Care Apartments. Below […]

Community Care Apartments (CCA) by HDB

BTO Sales Launch Date: Feb 2021 BTO Location: Bukit Batok West Avenue 9 (Next to Le Quest) Community Care Apartments — the first assisted living concept in public housing for seniors Live independently The Community Care Apartments is the first assisted living concept in public housing that comes with senior-friendly features, care services, and social […]

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