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HDB Past Transaction

If you are looking to check the details of recent HDB resale transactions including the price of such past transactions in the past three years, look no further. Our frequently used HDB Resale Flat Transactions analytics report is exactly what you are looking for. Created using data sourced directly from the government data service data.gov.sg, it includes all details available from the data source as listed below:

  • Price
  • Month of Transaction
  • Remaining Lease
  • Lease Start Year
  • Town
  • Street Name
  • Block
  • Floor Area
  • Flat Type
  • Flat Model
  • Storey Range
  • Per Square Foot Pricing

As the report is interactive with dynamic filters against key attributes like Town, Street and Block, you can very quickly narrow down to a specific block of HDB flats by selecting the Town, Street and Block using buttons to see its past transactions.

Presented below is a sample result produced by the report. Here, all past HDB flat transactions across the island are sorted in descending order by resale price to produce a list of the top HDB resale transactions based on resale transaction price.

You can do you own custom query by filtering and sorting the report according to your requirements.

Data is refreshed on a monthly basis at the beginning of the month for the previous month’s past HDB resale transactions. This means you can get resale prices of flats from transactions as recent as the previous month.

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