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HDB 政府组屋出租交易

  • 该报告适于查寻政府组屋的市场租价。 您可以按组屋类型组屋区街道组屋座过滤租赁交易。
  • 本报告的数据来自新加坡建屋发展局 (HDB)。
  • 数据涉及自 2021 年 5 月以来新加坡 HDB 租赁交易(整套)。
  • 所有视觉效果都是交互式的。 您可以点击它们以突出显示和过滤。

Notes from HDB pertaining to this dataset:

  1. Market rental rates by approval date. The rental should be taken as indicative only as the rental agreed between the flat owners and tenants are dependent on many factors. The rental is based on the declaration by the flat owner. HDB does not verify the accuracy of the data.

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