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HDB Resale Flat Transactions

  • Data for this report is refreshed daily Mon-Fri to incorporate new HDB resale transactions.
  • All visuals are interactive. You can click on them to highlight and filter records.
  • Data includes HDB Resale Flat Transactions since Jan 2015.
  • Data for this report is sourced from the Housing Development Board (HDB).

Notes from HDB about this dataset:

Resale transacted prices. Prior to March 2012, data is based on date of approval for the resale transactions.
For March 2012 onwards, the data is based on date of registration for the resale transactions.

  1. The approximate floor area includes any recess area purchased, space adding item under HDB’s upgrading programmes, roof terrace, etc.
  2. The transactions exclude resale transactions that may not reflect the full market price such as resale between relatives and resale of part shares.
  3. Resale prices should be taken as indicative only as the resale prices agreed between buyers and sellers are dependent on many factors.
  4. Remaining lease is the number of years, months and days left before the lease expires. The information is computed as at the resale flat application and has been rounded up to the nearest month for the purpose of CPF monies usage and HDB loan application.
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June Tang
June Tang
2 years ago

I want see Hdb resale prices of flats not more than 10 years old. how do i do that?

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