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虽然大多数新加坡成人都知道他们可以在一生中两次直接从建屋发展局(HDB)购买预购组屋(两次获利),但有些人可能不知道他们在接近晚年期间还可以第三次申请购买预购组屋。 首先,在什么情况下您被归类为第一次或第二次购屋者呢? 本质上,如果您购买过 HDB 的某种补贴住房,例如预购组屋 (BTO) 、私人组屋 (DBSS) 或执行共管公寓(EC),或用了公积金购屋津贴(CPF Housing Grants)购买过任何转售 HDB 组屋,或享受过选择性整体重建计划(SERS)的津贴,均算享受过一次住房补贴。 因此,下次您购买新的组屋时,您将被视为第二次购买者来评估资格和优先权。 当然,如果您已享受过两次补贴,下次购买新组屋时将被视为第三次购买者。 以下是HDB对首次购屋者的定义: 如果您和任何其他列为屋主和基本住户的人满足以下条件,您的申请将被视为首次申请: 不是从 HDB 购买的组屋的屋主,也不是从开发商购买的 EC/ DBSS 公寓的屋主 未出售过从 HDB 购买的组屋,或从开发商购买的 EC/DBSS 公寓 没有收到任何用于购买转售组屋的公积金购屋津贴(CPF Housing Grants) 未获得任何形式的住房补贴 – 例如,受益于选择性整体重建计划(SERS)或中等入息公寓(HUDC)私有化 如果您是第二次申请,而您的配偶/准配偶是首次申请,您和您的配偶/准配偶将享受首次购屋者的特权和作为夫妻的优先权。 以下是HDB对第二次购屋者的定义: 如果您或任何其他列为屋主和基本住户的人符合以下任何一种情况,您的申请将被视为第二次申请: 拥有或出售过以下任何一种房屋: 从HDB购买的HDB组屋 使用公积金购屋津贴购买的转售HDB组屋 从开发商购买的私人组屋 (DBSS) 或执行共管公寓(EC) 曾经获得某种形式的住房补贴 – 例如,受益于选择性整体重建计划(SERS),中等入息公寓(HUDC)私有化 上述信息可以在这两个网页中找到: 短屋契二房式灵活组屋 社区关怀公寓 上述链接不再有效,其中包含的信息已被 HDB 合并到一个关于年长者购屋的页面中: Flat and Grant […]

New Initiatives For Seniors (Rally 2023)

Here is a short summary of the some of the new initiatives announced by PM Lee during this year’s National Day Rally (Rally 2023). As Singapore transitions from an aged society to a ‘super-aged’ society in time to come, it is has massive social and economic implications, and much needs to be done to help […]

Assisted-Living Projects

Assisted living in Singapore refers to a range of housing options and support services designed to assist seniors in maintaining an independent and active lifestyle while receiving necessary care and assistance. Here are a few notable assisted living initiatives in Singapore: St. Andrew’s Nursing Homes: St. Andrew’s Nursing Homes is a well-known provider of eldercare […]

Selling Your CPF Funded Property After Age 55

If your property was financed in whole or in part using CPF funds, selling your property after you have turned 55 has implications with regards to the amount of refund you need to make into your own CPF account. Before turning 55, the amount you will need to refund is the cumulative total of all […]

Applying For HDB BTO as a Third Timer

中文版 While most adult Singaporeans are well aware that they can purchase a new flat directly from the Housing Development Board (HDB) directly two times during their lifetime (a second bite at the cherry), some may not be aware that they can yet apply for another new flat for a third time in their senior […]

Private Property Owners Can Apply For BTO For Community Care Apartments?

It is a well known fact that private property owners/essential occupiers need to dispose of all their private properties before starting the process of applying for a Housing Development Board (HDB) Built-to-order (BTO) flat. However, it appears that the board is loosening this eligibility criterion, at least for the recently announced Community Care Apartments. Below […]

Community Care Apartments (CCA) by HDB

BTO Sales Launch Date: Feb 2021 BTO Location: Bukit Batok West Avenue 9 (Next to Le Quest) Community Care Apartments — the first assisted living concept in public housing for seniors Live independently The Community Care Apartments is the first assisted living concept in public housing that comes with senior-friendly features, care services, and social […]

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